Welcome to the crap that comes out of my head. I’m an opinionated individual, and sometimes feel the need to vent that to the world. Sometimes you’ll agree, sometimes you won’t, and that’s fine. I’d love to encourage some discussion around the things that I write about, but given that my blog is one of hundreds of thousands around the world, it’s unlikely to really happen.

While not writing, I own and run initforthe Ltd, a digital production house based in London, UK.

This blog will be filled (slowly) with all the things that interest me, ideas I have that I’d like to share, and discoveries I make that I think would be of benefit to the world at large. Oh, and a few rants.

Just remember one thing: your life is a culmination of no-one’s choices but your own. Disown that decision making process, and you disown your future. Relish in it, and the world truly is your oyster.

Enjoy the read, and please give me any feedback you have.