So I can’t use my online banking service now, LloydsTSB?

I wrote a short while ago about my disdain at the supposed, but completely useless, “security” imposed by LloydsTSB when they sent me a card reader with which I have to log in by entering the PIN on my card.

Turns out they’ve made a fail of epic proportions. Yesterday I had to get my card cancelled as I’d noticed a rogue payment go out from it. LloydsTSB duly did this, and have agreed to refund the fraudulent amount. This, as I’ve mentioned before is my business account. One day without being able to access it is dangerous in any business. So that’s what they’ve done. Because my card has been cancelled, I now can’t log in to my online banking service, which needs me to use my card and my PIN number to get in, even though I have a completely separate online banking user ID.

Is it just me or does this seem a touch on the ridiculous side now? I mean, do you expect that if someone has cloned my card they have also got hold of my mothers maiden name, my secret passphrase AND my online banking ID? Somehow I think that’s a little on the ridiculous side. If they did, then they’d probably also have me, and in which case… well I won’t go there.

To not be able to use a service because one piece of kit is the single point of failure strikes me as a bit of a problem, especially when it’s something you rely on to do your work.

Hopefully this is the last I write about this particular bank. I’ll definitely let you know what my new bank is like. I’m about to arrange an appointment now with the bank manager of HSBC.